To Eliott and his friends

I’m lucky to be your mother Eliott, and without you I couldn’t have learned, what I have been learning for sixteen years… I’m really glad to be able to say “Thanks, guys”. I’m a lucky woman to meet you and I’m proud that you’re my son’s friends. You’ve given me many good things, you have been helping me to open my eyes and my mind at a time when I started to forget what I know and, – who I am.
I particularly know several of you better than the others and I can say, how sometimes your life can be hard, it brings you down and because of that, you have been getting harder yourself. As often as not, you don’t show the best of yourselves, because it is the only way you’ve found to protect yourself and the people you love.
When somebody makes the effort to understand you, they can discover some wonderful teenagers, who just need gratitude, respect and love like anyone else.
It’s not easy to be a teenager and too many adults have wrong opinions about you. For them, all teenagers are the same and every day, you have to prove yourselves. Whatever people think, keep focusing on the best way forward and don’t fall into life’s traps. I can tell you it’s not easy to be a mum as well…
You can change people’s opinion and obtain respect if you behave well. Don’t be too angelic, it would be boring for you, – and us.  🙂 I believe in you. Lots of luv kids.
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4 commentaires pour To Eliott and his friends

  1. Labaan dit :

    Im so glad to meet you lots of love back 🙂 🙂

  2. Stan dit :

    thank Vero. luv u 🙂


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